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Please allow time for queuing your 

the time slot is not the exact time 

that you will enter the maze.

There is a queuing system in place

for the maze and for the minibusses. 

Farm Of Terror 2023 


Endure 30 minutes of hell in our horror maze, designed to target every phobia known to man, you will not feel left out at The Farm Of Terror.

It does not stop there, the 2023 event features a nightlife atmosphere, serving alcohol at our bar, and entertainment whilst waiting for the main show.

If you really want to test your limit we have just room for you: The torture room is a great way to test the waters.

Do you have what it takes?

We want to give back to our fans and ensure you have the best deal.

We will be holding giveaways for the 2023 event so please follow our social media (Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram).

In addition, once the tickets are live we will be issuing early-bird tickets for customers purchasing tickets early. Please contact us on Facebook for any large orders. 

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